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Medication Reconciliation Solutions

Complex therapeutics are a reality of the times we live in. There are over 10,000 different medications approved for use in practice in the USA today. The ongoing challenge most patients, nurses, physicians and pharmacists face is assuring an adequate, useful med history is available in the emergency department (ED) and upon hospital admission or office visit. CPA Connect offers a unique service that can assist you in improving the quality of your med history practices and in caring safely for your patients.

CPA Connect Med Rec adds clinical pharmacists to the Medication Reconciliation Process. During Admission Med Rec or Discharge Med Rec pharmacists enhance the process to ensure proper medication utilization, safety and accuracy in the list to be reconciled by the practitioner. Adding Our Medication Experts to your Med Rec Proccess saves time, saves money, and ultimately saves lives!

Don’t just get a medication history… get the right medication history!

To provide this vital service to our colleagues in hospitals and healthcare organizations, we combine:


  • The knowledge and expertise of our licensed, clinical pharmacists

  • The unparalleled, real-time outpatient, electronic prescription histories for over 100 million patients available via a national database.

CPA Connect assists clinicians and Risk Management professionals in obtaining and verifying patient's med histories. All medication histories are monitored for medication errors of omission and commission. In the event no history is available from the patient, the service often can provide essential pieces medication histories unavailable via conventional sources to you and your medical and hospital staff.

“Pharmacists Find Errors in 10% of all Discharge Medication Lists”#  #Am J Health-Syst Pharm—Vol 71  Dec 15, 2014

Upon Discharge from the hospital having an accurate medication list in hand is a must to prevent medication errors that can directly lead to readmission. During our Discharge Med Rec process, our medication experts review lists generated for patients and assist your practitioners in preparing the most accurate and comprehensive list for patients to take with them when they return home and to their primary care practitioner.


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