A Prescription for Accountable Healthcare
Ambulatory Care Pharmacy Solutions

CPA ConnectSM adds clinical pharmacists to your practice with the goals of Reducing Readmissions and Increasing Patient and Provider knowledge of the medications they use.

“Bringing Clinical Pharmacy to Primary Care”

Patients are referred to CPA ConnectSM Pharmacists via Physician Consult or by triggers established in a Customized Pharmacy Practice ProtocolSM. Triggers include: New Patients, Recently Hospitalized Patients and Identified Disease States or Specific Medications.

Why Clinical Pharmacists In Primary Care?

  • 50 % of physicians medication questions following patient visits go unanswered*

  • 1/3 of all clinical questions raised by providers are related to medications and pharmaceutical care*

  • Providing Real time access to subject matter experts can result in better decision support as an adjunct to navigate the multitude of online resources

*JAMA 2014 May; 174(5) 710-718

Reduce the fragmentation of care with CPA Connect by achieving all of your patients clinical pharmacy needs in your office regardless of where your patient fills their prescriptions!

Enhanced MTM or Medication Therapy Management from CPA ConnectSM provides full medication history review from multiple sources. Empowering primary care practitioners to create clarity around medications for their patients.  CPA Connect adds Clinical Pharmacists to your practice, Our Pharmacists spend time with your patients on Medication Counseling and Chronic Disease State Management.

Giving your patients access to a medication expert while in your office is essential in delivering critical information to patients about their medication and enhancing patients understanding of how their medications work to get the best outcomes.
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