A Prescription for Accountable Healthcare
Medication Counseling, Management & Patient Advocacy

CPA provides direct access to clinical pharmacists for the purpose of assessing patient medication therapy and assisting physicians in maximizing clinical success while minimizing adverse events. This service can be combined with E-prescribing through our affiliation with Dr. First using our ConcurDursm review service. Our patient medication advocacy program puts critical information in the hands of patients to help with decisions regarding their drug therapy.

These services are important for:
  • Promoting the use of evidence-based medicine
  • Maximizing cost-effective drug therapy
  • Avoiding adverse drug events
  • Creating patient-accessible medication records available to all their health providers
  • Providing medication-adherence counseling

By signing up for the service online, patients, physicians and healthcare organizations have direct access to trained pharmacist clinicians who provide consultation in real time. Our specialists use the most recent clinical literature to provide the latest in drug information. Patient medication databases are maintained and accessible by patients and their health providers.
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