A Prescription for Accountable Healthcare
Why CPA MedNovations?

There are multiple reasons why hospitals and other healthcare institutions choose CPA MedNovations for telepharmacy services.
  • Experienced
    CPA MedNovations pioneered the development of telepharmacy a decade ago and has been an active industry leader in promoting and legitimizing the service.
  • Parent Company
    CPA MedNovations is a service of Clinical Pharmacy Associates, one of the most knowledgeable, respected and trusted companies in the field of clinical pharmacy.
  • Leadership
    CPA MedNovations is led by Chris Keeys and Ken Dandurand and staffed by clinically trained, licensed pharmacists who have deep experience in clinical pharmacy environments and who are up to date with drug efficacy and interaction issues.
  • Hospital-Friendly
    Hospitals don't have to modify their formularies or change their way of working to take advantage of CPA MedNovations' services.
  • Continuous Monitoring
    CPA MedNovations actively monitors the work of its pharmacists in order to gauge and enhance their effectiveness.
  • Cost Savings
    On average, CPA MedNovations has saved its clients $134,000 annually or 62% compared to the cost of on-site after-hours pharmacist coverage.
  • Compliance
    CPA MedNovations complies with Joint Commission and CMS medication management standards and helps hospitals satisfy their local Department of Health requirements.
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