A Prescription for Accountable Healthcare

Pharmacy Associates

The staff of Clinical Pharmacy Associates and CPA MedNovations is made up of a skilled group of clinical pharmacists who collectively have more than 500 practice years of experience among them.

Lucilla Akanegbu, PharmD, RPh, CGP
Kierte Amate, MS, RPh
Norman Buster, PharmD, RPh
Hope Coleman, PharmD, BCPS, RPh
Angela Curry, PharmD, RPh
Kimberly Curry, PharmD, RPh
Jeffrey Dandurand, PharmD, BCPS
Colleen Dalrymple, PharmD, RPh
Amy Lynn Daniele, RPh
Tammy Dawkins, PharmD, RPh
Mandana Eimen, PharmD, RPh
Michael Greaves, RPh
Sean Johnston, RPh
Bamidele Kalejaiye, PharmD, RPh
Sabrina Keeys, PharmD, RPh, Senior Associate
Carlyle Mark, RPh, MBA
Cynthia McMahon, RPh
Mary Ann Misiak, RPh
Debbie Mulhearn, PharmD, BCPS, RPh
 Afrouz Nayernama, PharmD, RPh
Roderick Peters, RPh
Gisele Sidbury, PharmD, RPh
Michelle Skinner, PharmD, RPh
Fadekemi Tinubu, PharmD, RPh
Dianne Tyrance-Neal, RPh, MGA

Technical and Administrative Associates

In support of the skilled and credentialed staff of CPA pharmacists is a strong team of IT professionals pharmacy technicians and administrative professionals that keep CPA running smoothly.

Sharon Banks-Geter
Patricia Beitel
Patricia Carmody
Roger Carter
Martha Dandurand
Don DeCastro
Helianthe Monkou
Judith Myers
Yvonne Newsome
Rudolph Walcott

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