A Prescription for Accountable Healthcare
Drug Therapy Management
The key to health and wellbeing when a person has an illness or chronic condition is accurate and efficient treatment.  Whether, curative or symptom management, treatment often involves drug therapy.  According to data compiled by CMS for 2008 of the nearly 2 billion dollars spent on personal health care in the US, approximately 12% is from direct prescription expenditures.

Experience to Deliver Solutions
Over the past 25 years CPA has implemented many programs that deliver cost effective drug therapy management.  Our experience with formulary and clinical program development in both acute and managed care is unique among drug therapy management companies but highly desirable for accountable health care.

Our clinically trained practitioners have successfully worked with leading healthcare organizations including:
Adventist Healthcare South                    Blue Cross Blue Shield Federal Employees Plan
Georgetown University Medical Center    Sibley Memorial Johns-Hopkins Medical
Group Health Associates                        Physician Insurance Association of America
Dimensions Healthcare System              HIV/AIDS Ryan White Title II Program
Sheppard Pratt Psychiatric Health 

Our experience across the spectrum of care allows us to offer health systems transitional drug therapy management vital to meeting CMS goals of specifically reducing by 20% hospital re-admission rates and globally, mandates to implement Accountable Care by the Healthcare Reform Act. Combining our vast Pharmacy and Therapeutics clinical experience in delivering medication management value with newly developed programs such as Acute Med Hx Review med rec support, PharmD on Demand, virtual clinical pharmacist consultation and transition of care medication management design gives you a competitive advantage in cost effective care delivery.

Improve your Patient’s Health with the Finest Drug Therapy Management
Below are position papers that show our thought leadership on the health care issues of today. We hope you find these of value in designing your medication management strategies. Contact us today to help design and execute a plan to bring your organization into the new era of Accountable Healthcare. 

After-Hours Pharmacy Service Models in U.S. Hospitals
Dr. Chris Keeys, Pharm D., BCPS, R.Ph., examines the role after-hours telepharmacy plays in medication utilization and patient safety.

Reducing Medication-Use Risk
Kenneth Dandurand, R.Ph., MS and Brenda Saxon, Pharm.D., MBA, examine the topic of managing high-alert drugs and discuss ways to implement federally-mandated Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategies (REMS)

Health Information Technology: Can it really save money and improve quality? The need for strategy
The return on investment (ROI) for adoption of increased health information technology (HIT) is largely seen as significant in terms of both quality and cost. Kenneth Dandurand, M.S., R.Ph., examines whether the promise matches the reality.

Improving clinical outcomes and reducing health care costs under the Affordable Care Act - are enhanced medication management strategies part of the solution?
As health systems and insurers strive to improve quality and reduce cost, preventing and/or
minimizing medication-related problems across the continuum of care is an important consideration to achieve desired outcomes. Sandra L. Baldinger, Pharm.D., M.S. and Kenneth Dandurand, M.S., R.Ph., provide insight into the impact of medication strategies.

Commentary: The Dabigatran Dilemma
The author examines whether the relative reversibility of warfarin may outweigh the patient lifestyle benefit promoted by dabigatran.

Commentary: A Prescription for Accountable Healthcare
The CPA Journal Club resonates with health practitioners and leaders as a premier source of usable unbiased medication information.
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