A Prescription for Accountable Healthcare

Where is Clinical Pharmacy Associates located?
Our corporate office is located in Laurel, MD. But we place pharmacists in hospitals and other healthcare facilities all around the country, often for extended periods of time. Similarly, our consultants are more than willing to travel to you regardless of where your institution is based.

What are your strengths?
The practical, hands-on experience we and every one of our associates have makes us well suited to deal with the challenges and issues one encounters daily in healthcare today. If healthcare was complex when we started this business in 1986, it's grown infinitely more so today – with tighter regulations, tighter budgets and less margin for error. We know the world of clinical pharmacy, and we have unique skills many healthcare institutions find extremely valuable.

Who are the leaders of the company?
Clinical Pharmacy Associates and CPA MedNovations are led by two people who are regarded by many in the pharmacy services industry as true leaders and dynamic innovators. Dr. Christopher Keeys is a licensed clinical pharmacist, pharmacy executive, researcher and educator who received his B.S. in Pharmacy from Howard University College of Pharmacy and a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Philadelphia College of Pharmacy. Ken Dandurand received his B.S. in Pharmacy from Northeastern University, Boston, and completed graduate training in hospital pharmacy and business management from Oregon State University and an ASHP-approved residency at Good Samaritan Hospital in Portland, Oregon.

Who are the members of your staff?
The staff of Clinical Pharmacy Associates consists of a group of uniquely capable pharmacy professionals, many of whom have advanced degrees, board certification and residencies in pharmacy and have spent a good portion of their careers working in hospital and healthcare environments. In addition, we have experts in finance, strategic planning, management and informatics. We should add that a large number of our staff has spent the better part of their careers at CPA.

These days, we have to be particularly sensitive about what we spend money on. Can we cost justify CPA?
Absolutely. In most cases, Clinical Pharmacy Associates pays for itself many times over. For example, it is often far more cost effective to form a contractual relationship with CPA OnSite for pharmacist services than to add people to your staff. CPA MedNovations has saved our clients an average of over $134,000 annually or 62% compared to the cost of on-site after-hours pharmacist coverage. And the work CPA Advisors does typically results in a positive return on investment (ROI) for our clients time and time again.

Why are we better off turning to CPA for drug information than to other sources?
When it comes to information about drugs and drug therapies, it's critical that you have a source of unbiased information. At Clinical Pharmacy Associates, we have no conflict of interest with pharmaceutical manufacturers, retail pharmacies, pharmacy benefit management companies or long-term care pharmacy vendors. The fact that we're independently owned and operated makes all the difference in the world.
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