A Prescription for Accountable Healthcare
Why CPA?

There are multiple reasons why hospitals and other healthcare institutions and managed care providers consistently look to Clinical Pharmacy Associates for service and support in the areas of pharmacy practice and medication management.

  • Experienced
    Clinical Pharmacy Associates has been a leader in the clinical pharmacy segment of the healthcare industry for more than two decades. In fact, ours was one of the first companies in the country to offer clinical pharmacy, drug information and management services.
  • Leadership
    Since its founding, the company has enjoyed stable leadership under the direction of two people recognized for the depth of their clinical expertise, Chris Keeys and Ken Dandurand.
  • Value-Added Partner
    Clinical Pharmacy Associates has consistently demonstrated the ability to add value, on a cost-effective basis, to how clinical pharmacies are staffed, stocked and run. Our consultants and clinical pharmacy directors have helped numerous healthcare institutions develop and implement best practices approaches to pharmacy and medication management with a guaranteed return on investment (ROI).
  • Independent and Unbiased
    Because the organization is independent and unbiased, Clinical Pharmacy Associates is better able to help hospitals and managed care organizations drive intelligent, cost effective P&T and formulary decision making.
  • Innovative
    Clinical Pharmacy Associates was a pioneer in the development of the concept of after-hours telepharmacy services, and we remain one of the key service providers nationwide through our CPA MedNovations subsidiary. Additionally, we offer a comprehensive suite of tools that give hospitals and other healthcare institutions and managed care providers robust insight into the status and efficacy of medications.
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